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Our coverage of energy companies includes energy policy, the oil and gas industry, and alternative energy companies, as well as articles on such energy sources as petroleum, natural gas (LNG), biofuels, solar energy, wind energy, and nuclear energy. We feature articles on trends in the electric utility industry, such as the development of the smart grid. We cover upstream exploration and production, downstream refining and distribution, and trends in green energy.


The Impact of
Reduced Oil
Prices on the

The benefits of the glut are being distributed unevenly.

The New
Volatile World
of Oil and Gas

In this turbulent energy environment, only a few companies will be focused enough to win.

Innovating for
Energy’s Future

The key to clean, reliable, and affordable energy, says Southern Company CEO Tom Fanning, is a bold and balanced approach to R&D.

Algae at a
Pump Near You?

Physicist William Cooke discusses the potential for algal biofuels to become the next big alternative energy source.

Waiting for the Digital Grid

The modernized grid should revolutionize the way electricity is distributed and used, but its potential hasn’t yet been realized.

Talent Is a Strategic Asset: A Virtual Roundtable

At Devon Energy, building the most critical capabilities requires a high-touch approach to human capital and the HR function.

A New Role for Natural Resources Companies

By promoting business partnerships, producers of primary materials can find a new source of competitive advantage.

Solar Comes of Age

A leading solar energy policy advocate explains how this dynamic, rapidly maturing industry can reach its true potential.

A Talent Strategy for Emerging Economies

Two top leaders of the Middle East telecom company Etisalat explain how they recruit and retain people in frontier markets — the most challenging business environments in the world.

s+b Trend Watch: Big Oil Loses Its Exploration Edge

The six integrated “supermajor” oil companies that once dominated oil and gas exploration are losing ground to independent companies.

Resetting the Cost Structure at Shell

A senior finance executive explains how a zero-based cost management effort is leading to significant performance improvements.

A Moore’s Law for Renewable Energy

Increasing capacity per dollar in computer technology has driven exponential growth for 50 years. The same could happen in the energy industry.

Renewable Energy at a Crossroads

The wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal sector has grown in fits and starts — and now may have the momentum to become a self-sustaining industry.
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