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Shellie Karabell

Shellie Karabell is a writer, editor, and communications consultant, based in Paris, France.

August 29, 2016
A French ride-sharing company discovered six key elements needed to nurture user confidence, and its business.
July 27, 2016
The Internet is disrupting one of the world’s oldest professions: selling art.
March 22, 2016
Selectionnist.com has created a Web-based bridge between print magazines and online shopping.
March 8, 2016
Let fathers of newborns take time off, and the whole enterprise will thrive.
February 19, 2016
Today’s Russian trendsetters are Silicon Valley–style entrepreneurs determined to make their ventures work — and to pull their country’s economy forward, no matter what.
November 2, 2015
The fastest-growing marketing channel is the voice telephone — especially when it turns solving a problem into making a sale.
July 7, 2015
As growth in e-commerce slows, physical stores have an opportunity to attract customers to their doors.
March 2, 2015
Luxury tourism will not be the game-changer many retailers are hoping for.
November 4, 2014
A favored position creates authentic leadership only when it is tempered by accountability.
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