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An Immodest Proposal for the Next Big Fuel

This proposal would accomplish two more things. It would improve the quality of debate over nuclear power, taking the issue out of the counterproductive rhetorical realm of “you’re either for nuclear power or against it.” And it would show people what they can accomplish if they put their minds to it. If we can retard the burning of coal in China, build nuclear plants there, and reverse the course of climate change, then we can do many other things. Perhaps we could even save ocean life or the rain forests.

We share just one global ecology. We should share the responsibility of keeping it clean.

Author Profile:

  • Jay Ogilvy is dean and chief academic officer at Presidio Graduate School, which offers MBA and master’s degrees in public administration programs based on principles of sustainability. He is also a cofounder of Global Business Network and chair of Esalen Institute’s Global Potentials Program.



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