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Optimism Returns to the American Automotive Industry

Author ProfileS:

  • Brian Collie is a partner with Booz & Company in Chicago. He specializes in business unit strategy and transformation for automotive and industrial clients.
  • Scott Corwin is a partner with Booz & Company based in New York. He specializes in growth strategies for the automotive, media, and consumer industries.
  • Arjun Kakkar is a senior associate with Booz & Company’s automotive practice, based in Cleveland.
  • Also contributing to this year’s study were Booz & Company consultant Jessica Newman, senior executive advisor Reid Wilk, and former senior associate Patrick Mulcahy.


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  1. Ben Klayman, “GM Focusing on Profits, Not Market Share: CEO,” Reuters, January 9, 2012: Describes CEO Dan Akerson’s comments at the Detroit auto show regarding GM’s renewed push on fundamentals rather than sales volume.
  2. Alan Ohnsman, “Hyundai Puts Quality Advances Ahead of 2012 U.S. Sales Goals,” Bloomberg Business Week, January 9, 2012: Describes the automaker’s willingness to sacrifice incremental sales growth and focus instead on improving its quality scores.
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