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strategy and business
 / Spring 2004 / Issue 34(originally published by Booz & Company)


A New Window onto CRM Success

Many companies that have invested heavily in CRM over the past decade are well placed to fully exploit their investment by reviewing CRM through the Johari Window and going back to relationship basics. The prize is stronger, deeper, trust-based relationships with customers.

Reprint No. 04103

Author Profiles:

David Moloney ([email protected]) is a vice president in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Sydney, Australia, office, where he specializes in retail banking strategy.
Robert Bustos-McNeil ([email protected]) is a senior associate in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Sydney, Australia, office, where he works with clients on strategy and operations improvement.
Also assisting in developing this article were Joseph Luft, author of Group Processes: An Introduction to Group Dynamics (McGraw-Hill, 1984), and Rob Craig, general manager, product and process, the Westpac Banking Corporation.
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