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strategy and business
 / Fall 2004 / Issue 36(originally published by Booz & Company)


Ram Charan: The Thought Leader Interview

CHARAN: It’s too early to tell.

S+B: What are the qualities a successful leader needs today?

CHARAN: The first one is sorting out complexity.

S+B: Why is that different from the past?

CHARAN: Because of the nature and number of variables and the structural changes in business.

S+B: Others?

CHARAN: The second is managing external constituencies. And the third is you must be a social architect. You have to have those three. And of course, there’s a fourth: tenaciously mastering the business model.

S+B: You use a lovely Indian phrase in describing an affliction suffered by successful leaders: “divine discontent.”

CHARAN: Never satisfied. You’ll never reach that inner, ultimate nirvana.

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Randall Rothenberg ([email protected]) is editor-in-chief of strategy+business.
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