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 / Winter 2009 / Issue 57(originally published by Booz & Company)


Integrated Innovation at Pitney Bowes

We’ve also introduced a ground-up approach called IdeaNet: It’s an electronic meeting place for Pitney Bowes’s 35,000 employees to collaborate and provide comments and input on any idea that they think will help create new sources of revenue, im­prove profitability, or add new value for customers. It isn’t an open forum or an electronic suggestion box. In­stead, we sponsor specific idea challenges. The most recent one in­volved expanding our mail services business into new segments. Hun­dreds of em­ployees from multiple functions and business units sent in suggestions, and as a result, we generated eight very significant ideas on how to expand the business. We’re now moving them into a set of new offerings for our customers.

Five years from now, our success will have been determined by our ability to innovatively integrate and leverage the assets and businesses that we’ve built to create more organic growth for Pitney Bowes.

Author Profile:

David Dobson joined Pitney Bowes in 2008 as exec­utive vice president and chief strategy and innovation officer. In 2009, he was appointed executive vice president at Pitney Bowes and president of Pitney Bowes Management Services.


This article will appear in the Winter 2009 issue of strategy+business as part of our special report, “Profits Down, Spending Steady: The Global Innovation 1000,” by Barry Jaruzelski and Kevin Dehoff.

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