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 / Fourth Quarter 2001 / Issue 25(originally published by Booz & Company)


The New Strategy and Why It Is New

Companies can no longer afford the luxury of cycling among these goals, or pursuing a sequential agenda. In practical terms, rapid, semi-continuous strategic transformation requires the development of people and processes capable of grappling simultaneously with three functions that traditionally were managed discretely within the corporation. These are: creating value (producing strategic innovation in products, processes, and business models); aligning people to value (leading and motivating change and stimulating people to become higher-performance “human engines”); and delivering value (capturing the profits and other results that are promised by every strategy).

The new strategy is similar to the old strategy in its goals and some of its key components, but different in several critical aspects. Most importantly, the new strategy is not something the enterprise does, but something it lives. It focuses on semi-continuous transformation, not just planning for the next round but expecting to transform again. It uses the discipline of objective-driven change to mobilize the entire organization to support the transformation to new strategic positions.

Also contributing to this article were Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Partner Paul Branstad ([email protected]), Chief Growth Officer Chuck Lucier ([email protected]), and Vice President Rhonda Germany ([email protected]).

Reprint No. 01401

Nick Demos, [email protected]
Nick Demos is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton. He has 15 years of consulting experience with pharmaceutical, life sciences, agricultural, energy, and consumer-products companies.

Steven Chung, [email protected]
Steven Chung is a principal with Booz Allen Hamilton in New York. He specializes in strategy-based transformation engagements for engineering, industrial, and manufacturing organizations.

Michael Beck, [email protected]
Michael Beck is a principal with Booz Allen Hamilton in Chicago. He focuses on corporate and business unit strategies for industrial clients.
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