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strategy and business
 / Fourth Quarter 2001 / Issue 25(originally published by Booz & Company)


Catching Travelers on the Fly

Also contributing to this article were Booz Allen Hamilton Vice President Horacio D. Rozanski ([email protected]) and Senior Associate Gerry Bollman ([email protected]), who lead the Digital Consumer Project.

Reprint No. 01403

David Newkirk, [email protected]
David Newkirk is a senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton based in London, where he specializes in strategy and organizational issues for multinational clients. Mr. Newkirk has worked with industry leaders on all aspects of strategy, organization, marketing, technology, and operations.

Brad Corrodi, [email protected]
Brad Corrodi is a principal with Booz Allen Hamilton who specializes in the travel industry and its technologies.

Alison James, [email protected]
Alison James is a senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, concentrating on marketing and strategy in the travel industry.
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