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Published: July 1, 2001


Seize the Occasion! The Seven-Segment System for Online Marketing

This research was conducted in collaboration with Nielsen//NetRatings Inc. (Click here.), the leading provider of information and analysis about Internet audiences.

Reprint No. 01305

Horacio D. Rozanski, [email protected]
Horacio D. Rozanski is a vice president in Booz-Allen & Hamilton’s New York office. He specializes in developing marketing strategies and customer understanding across a range of industries.

Gerry Bollman, [email protected] 
Gerry Bollman is a senior associate in Booz-Allen & Hamilton’s Cleveland office. His client work focuses on developing business and marketing strategies for the consumer products and biotechnology industries.

Martin Lipman, [email protected]
Martin Lipman is a senior associate and statistician with Booz-Allen & Hamilton based in Cleveland. He specializes in the application of statistical methods to issues of pricing, trade promotion, market and customer segmentation, and product line management.
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