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The Importance of Being a Must-See Destination

International travel and tourism is the backbone of globalization, promoting economic growth, increasing trade, and advancing development. It also strengthens communities and, by bringing together people from diverse regions and backgrounds, advances the goals of peace and global understanding. Countries that make T&T a priority and define an agenda around high-quality, innovative, and sustainable solutions will find that they have succeeded in much more than just pleasing their visitors.

Author Profiles:

Jürgen Ringbeck ([email protected]) is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton in Düsseldorf. He focuses on strategy and transformation for companies in global transportation industries, such as airlines, tourism operators, postal and logistics companies, and railways.

Stephan Gross ([email protected]) is a senior associate with Booz Allen in Munich and the marketing director of the firm’s work in global transportation. He specializes in major transformation and turnaround initiatives for transportation organizations, including large privatization and deregulation projects in Europe and the Middle East. 
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