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Competing on the Eco Front

Nearly every country in the world has something to offer the curious traveler, whether in terms of culture, history, or natural beauty. The factor that will make the difference between those countries that welcome visitors from around the world and those that languish will be the way attractions are developed, marketed, and preserved, not only for current travelers but also for future generations of tourists. The countries that develop, implement, and maintain a sustainable tourism strategy today will be the winners of tomorrow.

Author Profiles:

Jürgen Ringbeck ([email protected]) is a senior vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton in Düsseldorf. He focuses on strategy and transformation for companies in global transportation industries, such as airlines, tourism operators, postal and logistics companies, and railways.

Stephan Gross ([email protected]) is a senior associate with Booz Allen in Munich and the marketing director of the firm’s work in global transportation. He specializes in major transformation and turnaround initiatives for transportation organizations, including large privatization and deregulation projects in Europe and the Middle East.

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