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The Truth about Exports

As the economy weakens, perhaps there will be a fresh look at the U.S. export infrastructure. Conventional wisdom asserts that exports spur economic growth and support the creation of higher-value-added jobs such as engineering and design. If the United States truly faces its worst economic downdraft since the Great Depression, it’s imperative to launch a sustained initiative that brings potentially thousands of new manufacturing-based companies into the export arena. To be lulled into complacency by rosy but misleading headlines about rising exports would result only in the U.S. missing out on an opportunity to exploit the weak dollar and generate sustainable wealth that may enhance the economy for years to come.

Author Profile:

William J. Holstein is a veteran business journalist and author based in New York.
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  1. Timothy Aeppel and Joanna Slater, “Surging Exports Lighten the Gloom,” The Wall Street Journal, March 24, 2008: An example of prominent media coverage of exports. (Subscription required.)
  2. J. David Richardson, Sizing Up U.S. Export Disincentives (Institute for International Economics, 1991): This groundbreaking book remains relevant in today’s debate about the American export machine.
  3. Web site: The U.S. government’s export portal provides consolidated information to exporters.
  4. National Association of Manufacturers Web site: Learn about the complexities of exporting from the U.S.
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