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It’s Not about the Money

Author Profiles:

John Frehse is chief strategist at Core Practice Partners, an international consulting firm that specializes in workforce optimization. He has lectured around the world on labor management strategies.
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  1. John Frehse, “Shift Worker Productivity Need Not Be an Oxymoron,” s+b Leading Ideas Online, 06/05/07: The causes of low productivity and why management teams lack the appropriate knowledge and skills to solve this problem.
  2. Timothy H. Monk and Simon Folkard, Making Shiftwork Tolerable (CRC Press, 1992): Examines the experiences of and problems encountered by shift workers.
  3. Tom Rankin, New Forms of Work Organization: The Challenge for North American Unions (University of Toronto Press, 1992): Details the changing world for unions, new compensation practices, and the difficult environment for shift workers in North America in the late 20th century.
  4. David Wainwright and Michael Calnan, Work Stress: The Making of a Modern Epidemic (Open University Press, 2002): Explores the unhealthy shift work environment and the psychology behind the epidemic of work stress among those with low-paying jobs.
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