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Change Management: Who’s in Charge?

Author Profiles:

Richard Rawlinson is a partner with Booz & Company based in London. He focuses on the leadership agenda for consumer-oriented and public-sector clients.

Ashley Harshak is a principal with Booz & Company in London. He specializes in large-scale people transformation and organizational effectiveness in the public sector and financial services.

David Suarez, a principal with Booz & Company in Madrid, works with energy companies in Europe and the Middle East. His focus is transformation and change management, human capital management, and organizational performance improvement.
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  1. DeAnne Aguirre, Louisa Finn, and Ashley Harshak, “Ready, Willing, and Engaged: A Practical Guide for Sponsors of Change” (PDF), Booz & Company white paper, September 2007: Identifies the eight levers that engage people at all levels in the organization to assist in a transformation, whether on a large or small scale.
  2. DeAnne Aguirre, Christopher Hannegan, and Gary Neilson, “Navigating the Network: Communications That Create Lasting Change in Today’s Dynamic World” (PDF), Booz & Company white paper, August 2007: Companies facing the prospect of radical change often succeed in engineering the business aspect of the change, but fall short in genuinely engaging key stakeholders in understanding and embracing the change.
  3. Richard Rawlinson, Christopher Hannegan, Ashley Harshak, and David Suarez, “Change Management Graduates to the Boardroom: From Afterthought to Prerequisite” (PDF), Booz & Company white paper, June 2008: Results of the Booz & Company survey on change management (mentioned in this article) of 350 senior executives who have led major transformation initiatives at large organizations worldwide.
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