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Is Backshoring the New Offshoring?

Author Profiles:

Vinay Couto is a partner with Booz & Company in Chicago. He advises companies across multiple industries on outsourcing and offshoring strategies.

Ashok Divakaran is a principal with Booz & Company in Chicago. He specializes in developing strategies for large-scale organizational transformation and global organization effectiveness.

Mahadeva Mani is a senior associate with Booz & Company in McLean, Va. He works with companies across industries on their global organization and operating strategies.
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  4. Vinay Couto, Arie Y. Lewin, Mahadeva Mani, and Vikas Sehgal, “Offshoring the Brains as Well as the Brawn: Companies Seek Intellectual Talent Beyond Their Borders” (PDF), Booz & Company white paper, September 2008: A survey of global companies finds that innovation is increasingly a target of offshoring.
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  7. Offshoring Research Network Web site: The ORN project at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University provides stats and other data on offshoring, with links to outside research and analysis.
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