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s+b is an award-winning business magazine published quarterly by Booz & Company. This page lists the business articles from our latest print issue, featuring our extensive coverage of management thinking, business profiles, and strategic analysis, written by noted thought leaders, senior executives, and seasoned practitioners.

Issue 77, Winter 2014


The Global Innovation 1000: Proven Paths to Innovation Success

Ten years of research reveal the best R&D strategies for the decade ahead.

A Strategist’s Guide to the Internet of Things

The digital interconnection of billions of devices is today’s most dynamic business opportunity.
Best Business Books 2014

Best Business Books 2014

Our annual review of the year’s best business books. Strategy: To the Nimble Go the Spoils, Marketing: Brand Diving, Executive Self-Improvement: The Human Factor, Organizational Culture: The Nothing That’s Everything, Innovation: Greasing the Skids of Invention, Sustainability: Tomorrow’s Bottom Line, Economics: All Things Being Unequal
s+b Interactives

Best Business Books 2014—In Pictures

 View a slideshow of our picks for the best business books of 2014 in seven categories.
Leading Ideas

Erin Meyer Can Make Your Global Team Work

The INSEAD professor shows how people can communicate
across cultures.
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Leading Ideas

Politicians for Prosperity

National leaders, such as India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, can make or break their country’s business climate.

The Sharing Company

Behind the hype of peer-to-peer economics is a quiet B2B revolution.

The Untapped Value of Overseas Experience

How skilled return migrants can be your company’s agents of change.

Can Media Firms Become Digital Video Mavens?

Traditional entertainment companies are buying up new multichannel networks in pursuit of online audiences.

s+b Trend Watch: The Profit Conundrum

Revenues go up, but so do costs—and even with overhead cuts, company leaders don’t see the expected benefits of scale.



Kings of the Cloud

The leading companies in the tech industry are reworking their business models to deliver everything-as-a-service.
Consumer Products

What Mom-and-Pop Stores Can Teach Grocery Chains

To stave off online competitors, supermarkets should work with their suppliers and get back to personalized service.

Recent Research

The Security Risk in the Cubicle Next Door

Your own employees may pose a bigger IT hazard than outside threats.