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Transformation by PwC

Transformation by PwC
The future of businesses in every sector will depend on their ability to adjust to major social, economic, political, environmental, and technological shifts. To address these disruptive forces, many organizations have channeled their energy and investment into digital transformation efforts. Yet they’ve failed to gain a competitive edge. Being digital simply isn’t enough anymore. To truly differentiate themselves, companies need to move beyond digital and follow a new playbook that addresses new dynamics. Find out how to build the unique capabilities that enable differentiation at PwC’s transformation page.


A close-up image of a hand holding a smartphone as it is used for contactless payment via a QR code

Envisioning the futures of retail banking

As the long-established industry is reshaped, looking ahead to five far-reaching hypothetical scenarios can help focus the strategic mind.

by Eugénie Krijnsen, Roberto Hernandez, and Kurtis Babczenko
August 2, 2022
A worker repairs some complex machinery.

Digital Factory Transformation Survey 2022

Digital transformation is paramount in times of crisis, yet two-thirds of manufacturers are still at the beginning of the journey.
by Dr. Reinhard Geissbauer
May 30, 2022
An illustration of a person

Seven imperatives for moving beyond digital

Drawing on research of transformative companies, PwC authors recommend ways that executive teams can disrupt themselves and become leaders in the digital age.

by Paul Leinwand and Mahadeva Matt Mani
December 21, 2021