Inside the Mind of the CEO

Inside the Mind of the CEO
The Inside the Mind of the CEO interview series explores a wide range of critical decisions chief executives around the world face in today's dynamic society.
  • Making Critical Decisions with Confidence

    by Deborah Unger
    Nancy McKinstry, CEO and chairman of Wolters Kluwer, explains how going digital is allowing a 183-year-old provider of specialist information and expert solutions to prosper in a data-driven world.
  • Financial Services and Social Value Can Mix

    by Salvador Nacenta and Justo Alcocer
    For Antonio Huertas Mejías, chief executive officer of the MAPFRE insurance company, economic growth aligns with making a sustainable contribution to the wider community.
  • Business Cycle

    by Daniel Gross and Brian Caisman
    Peloton’s bikes may be stationary. But as CEO John Foley tells us, the company is on the move.