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ESG by PwC

ESG by by PwC
Businesses can no longer afford to ignore environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Consumers, employees, and investors are demanding that companies do more than simply check a regulatory box—they want businesses to make sustainable improvements for the good of the environment and society. Meeting stakeholders’ growing ESG demands and expectations will require new ways of thinking, and companies will need to make changes across all dimensions of the organization: from making strategic choices to implementing the new direction to reporting progress and outcomes. To learn more about the opportunities for rethinking and reconfiguring, visit PwC’s ESG page.


A high-angle view shows a truck ascending out of a copper quarry.

Mining the (clean energy) gap

The mining industry is transforming to meet surging demand for critical minerals.

by Paul Bendall and Lauren Bermack
June 29, 2022
A closeup photograph of a green traffic light

Pedal to the metal

Amid rising global uncertainty, it’s tempting to hit the brakes on decarbonization, but recent insights from PwC thought leaders offer a convincing case for doing exactly the opposite.

by Daniel Gross
June 24, 2022
An image of a person standing knee-deep in a flooded road.

Time to get serious about the realities of climate risk

Many companies overlook the pressing, often surprising, array of climate risks they face. By understanding them better, leaders can safeguard their business and identify opportunities to compete in a decarbonizing world.


by Emma Cox, Colm Kelly, Barry Murphy, and Nicole Röttmer
May 16, 2022