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Why a CEO’s Trip to
the Bahamas Could
Be Good for Business

Vacations taken by CEOs provide an unlikely, but highly reliable, way to approximate a firm’s corporate activity and anticipate its stock returns.

Strategies for

Bad economic conditions don’t necessarily mean a death sentence for small companies. They can employ multiple strategies to keep growing.

The Digitization
of Financial

If it expects to keep growing, the industry must adopt a digital mind-set.

Best Business
Books 2014—

All Things Being Unequal

Gone Phishin’: A Threat Companies Can’t Ignore

The loss in stock value and trading volume for companies targeted by phishing scams proves that firms have plenty to lose from these high-tech attacks.

7 Surprising Disruptions

Are you ready for what’s coming in your industry this year? For more insights, read the full collection of perspectives from Strategy&.

Don’t Brag: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Capital

Young firms seeking outside funding can attract investors by acknowledging they have room for improvement, while also playing up their strengths.

s+b Trend Watch: The Profit Conundrum

Revenues go up, but so do costs—and even with overhead cuts, company leaders don’t see the expected benefits of scale.

Adam Smith’s Other Book

Economist Russ Roberts explores Adam Smith’s The Theory of Moral Sentiments, a 255- year-old guide to the good life.

Are You a Conscious Capitalist?

It’s time for capitalism to find a higher purpose.

Following the (M&A) Example of Others

Learning what other companies did to acquire firms in developing economies may help U.S. companies be more successful in their own M&A efforts.

Deals That Transform Companies

How to shift your business model with M&A integration.

How Subsidiaries Can Gain Power in Multinational Corporations

Business units abroad that focus on technology and R&D exert more influence with the home office than those that focus on sales or marketing.
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