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Let’s Megadeal

Seven strategies for managing the unique challenges of large technology acquisitions.

Crowd Investing:
An Emerging
Financial Force

New platforms linking investors and entrepreneurs could have a dramatic effect on the banking industry and on economic growth.

Are You a

It’s time for capitalism to find a higher purpose.

The Redefined
No of the CFO

For today’s financial leader, decisions are based on strategy, not spreadsheets.

7 Surprising Disruptions

Are you ready for what’s coming in your industry this year? For more insights, read the full collection of perspectives from Strategy&.

Best Business Books 2014: Economics

All Things Being Unequal

s+b Trend Watch: The Profit Conundrum

Revenues go up, but so do costs—and even with overhead cuts, company leaders don’t see the expected benefits of scale.

Deals That Transform Companies

How to shift your business model with M&A integration.

Four Profit-Boosting Strategies for Wealth Managers

How to help close the gap between assets under management and revenues.

The Trouble with Sunspots

A personality-driven history of economic forecasting by business historian Walter Friedman points up the limitations of the prediction business, then and now.

How to Better Prepare for a Global Meltdown

The associate professor of finance at the Kellogg School of Management discusses the life cycle of a financial crisis. For more related insights, read “Efraim Benmelech on Financial Contagion."

Efraim Benmelech on Financial Contagion

The economist explains how financial crises spread like a disease and what companies can do to immunize themselves.

To an Analog Banker in a Digital World

What happened to recorded music is about to happen to you. But only a few banks are making the right moves from branches to online services.
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