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Strategies for

Bad economic conditions don’t necessarily mean a death sentence for small companies. They can employ multiple strategies to keep growing.

The Digitization
of Financial

If it expects to keep growing, the industry must adopt a digital mind-set.

Deals That

How to shift your business model with M&A integration.

Following the
(M&A) Example
of Others

Learning what other companies did to acquire firms in developing economies may help U.S. companies be more successful in their own M&A efforts.

Are You a Conscious Capitalist?

It’s time for capitalism to find a higher purpose.

How Subsidiaries Can Gain Power in Multinational Corporations

Business units abroad that focus on technology and R&D exert more influence with the home office than those that focus on sales or marketing.

Driving Digitization in Retail Banking

A call to arms for the digital executive.

Best of Multimedia: Bitcoin’s Turbulent History

An interactive look at the highs and lows surrounding the controversial digital currency.

Building a Megaproject Without the Mega Problems

Large initiatives such as oil pipelines have a higher chance of succeeding when stakeholders work together to manage the risks.

No More Business as Usual

Syria. Ukraine. The Tea Party. Companies should start preparing for the new global reality.

Muckraking Is Alive and Well

In The Watchdog That Didn’t Bark, Dean Starkman rebukes the business press for missing the epic fraud that led to the Great Recession. 

How to Prepare Your Company for Growth

Take Booz & Company’s Fit for Growth* Index profiler and find out what you need to be successful in the long term.

Best of Multimedia: The Billion-Dollar Startup Club (and Why You Should Pay Attention)

An interactive look at how the world’s most valuable emerging companies stack up.

The Vicious Cycle of CEO Pet Projects

Incoming leaders follow a predictable pattern of disinvesting from their predecessor’s flops and eventually investing just as unwisely.
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