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  • Meeting the Fintech Challenge

    by Steve Davies, Manoj Kashyap, and Joerg Ruetschi
    How incumbent banks can respond to the startups and other firms disrupting their industry.
  • Safety in the Cloud

    by David Burg and Tom Archer
    The next generation of cybersecurity prevents attacks by monitoring online behavior — of intruders, customers, and everyone else.
  • Boardroom Brawlers

    by Jill Priluck
    A new book describes how waves of shareholder activism have been altering the corporate landscape for nearly a century.
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds Can Be Management Leaders

    by Art Kleiner and Josie Thomson
    Two leaders of an Australian fund explain how they challenged deceptive messages about investment capability, and raised the game of the companies they work with.
  • A Strategist’s Guide to Blockchain

    by John Plansky, Tim O’Donnell, and Kimberly Richards
    The distributed ledger technology that started with bitcoin is rapidly becoming a crowdsourced system for all types of verification. Could it replace notary publics, manual vote recounts, and the way banks manage transactions?
  • For Startups, Ideas Matter

    by Matt Palmquist
    Predicting a startup’s success before the venture is even launched may seem impossible. But entrepreneurs and investors should never overlook the value of assessing the basic concept behind the business.
  • The Margin of Safety

    by David J. Lynch
    In his new book, Wall Street Journal veteran Greg Ip makes the counterintuitive argument that the preventive efforts that makes us safe can encourage dangerous risk taking.
  • The Fed’s Original Intent

    by Neil Irwin
    In his new book, Roger Lowenstein describes how financial crises and political tensions spurred the creation of the U.S.’s central bank.
  • Be Your Own Activist Investor

    by Deniz Caglar, Vinay Couto, and Gary L. Neilson
    With these 10 principles for rethinking cost management, you can maximize value and avoid threats from Wall Street.
  • Navigating the Crowdfunding Landscape

    by Matt Palmquist
    Online peer-based fundraising tools have the potential to disrupt traditional investing models, but entrepreneurs and investors must overcome existing cultural and government barriers.