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October 1, 1998

How Richard Branson Works Magic

Though more known for his legendary publicity stunts, Richard Branson has led Virgin Group to success with a singular, flamboyant style. Learn the secret of how he tackles the big bad wolves of many industries.
July 1, 1998

Market Entry Strategies: Pioneers Versus Late Arrivals

What is the best way to move into a new market? If you do not have a first-in advantage, attack the one who does.
July 1, 1998

Creating Customer Value through Industrialized Intimacy

To really serve customers requires a deep understanding of their needs. It also requires customization, personalization and empathy.
April 1, 1998

How to Brand Sand

In commodity-goods markets, price is usually the only differentiator. But if you can brand those goods and bundle them with services, even bricks and sand can command premium prices. Here is how to turn commodities into branded goods.
April 1, 1998

Commodity Busting: Be a Price Maker, Not a Price Taker!

Business is about making money, not measuring macho. The scrap heap of corporate disasters is littered with managers whose ego drive overwhelmed good sense..
April 1, 1998

The Right Way to Achieve Profitable Growth in the Chinese Consumer Market

The Chinese consumer market has awesome demographics. It is huge, young and growing. But competition in the consumer market is growing, too. To win in China, companies must create strategies that overcome pitfalls while taking advantage of local strengths.
January 1, 1998

How Snap-on Tools Ratchets Its Brand

The way to create a world-class brand is to give customers what they need, when they need it, and never let them out of your sight.
January 1, 1998

Inside Dell Computer Corporation: Managing Working Capital

The secret to excellence lies in doing many things well. It also requires staying focused on the goal even when tempted to do otherwise.