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Reimagine Your

Make human-centered design the heart of your digital agenda.

How to Break
the Cycle of
CIO Turnover

Companies benefit from strong IT leaders. The trick is developing and retaining them.

America’s Real

A new wave of software innovation is about to transform industry—and give the United States the chance for a lasting edge. See also America’s Manufacturing Advantage—In Pictures.

From Netscape to
eHarmony: The
High Risks and
Big Rewards of
Platform Markets

Companies that link complementary partners, like dating sites or online auctions, can dominate for years or be swept away in an instant.

Looking Outward with Big Data: A Q&A with Tom Davenport

The management scholar provides an incisive look at the true potential of big data and the many challenges to unleashing it.

The Big Promise of Open Data

Nancy Scola reviews Joel Gurin’s Open Data Now, the first book to detail the rich business opportunities in open data and the challenges in capturing them. 

Christopher Schroeder’s Guide to the Next Million Innovators

The author and technology entrepreneur explains why you should pay attention to the mobile-powered masses—now.

Best Business Books 2013: Digitization

Three Harbingers of Change

A Skeptic’s Guide to 3D Printing

Excitement about any new technology should be balanced with the application of time-tested forecasting tools.

The Global Innovation 1000: Navigating the Digital Future

Booz & Company’s annual study of R&D spending reveals the tools that are transforming innovation—from customer insight to product launch.

Why the Steve Jobs Approach Pays Off

IT firms working with business-to-business clients can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by bundling hardware, software, and services.

To an Analog Banker in a Digital World

What happened to recorded music is about to happen to you. But only a few banks are making the right moves from branches to online services.

Life in the Matrix

As companies evolve away from traditional hierarchies, a major cultural shift is required.

Interactive s+b Trend Watch: Banks Go Digital

How streamlining bank–client interaction can lead to cost savings of 15 to 30 percent.
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