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Eric McNulty

Eric J. McNulty is the director of research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative and writes frequently about leadership and resilience.


March 18, 2015
A decades-old study of culture in leadership provides some insight on what underlies your beliefs about leaders and what they do.
March 5, 2015
Managing up to a supervisor who behaves like a toddler? Neuroscience can help.
February 24, 2015
When it comes to data thieves, no company is immune. Leaders, here’s how to prepare.
February 2, 2015
Your company’s guiding principles should be built to focus your employees’ thinking, decisions, and actions.
January 2, 2015
C-level transitions can be difficult, especially when preserving a company’s character is critical.
December 10, 2014
It is a hot buzzword, but often clouded in mystery. Here’s what executives need to know.
November 25, 2014
Executives have much to learn about how fragile the public’s trust in them can be.
November 11, 2014
It’s not enough to say your organization is simple or complicated—you must also understand what kind of complexity you’re dealing with.
October 23, 2014
Historical and fictional accounts of King Henry V show how powerful the two disciplines can be when used together.
September 30, 2014
Holding people, companies, or systems responsible for their mistakes is about more than just pointing a finger at the most convenient target.
September 24, 2014
When it’s all on the line, when and how a decision is made matter just as much as whether it’s made in the first place.
August 25, 2014
Sometimes the most obvious questions are the most crucial.
August 11, 2014
Starbucks’ plan to pay its workers’ college tuition may signal a new era in how employers consider their employees.
July 29, 2014
Executives better serve their companies when they act as co-creators, rather than solo artists.
July 23, 2014
Your summer vacation is the perfect time to relax, lie back, take in some sun, and learn something new about leadership.
June 4, 2014
The key to tech customer loyalty isn’t about being the biggest—it’s about embracing the smallest.
May 27, 2014
Companies that rely on traditional project management methods could be getting an incomplete picture of their own vulnerabilities and opportunities.
May 19, 2014
Navigating the media in a crisis is complex, but it starts with knowing when to surf and when to swim.
April 18, 2014
It may be the best way to improve your organization’s performance.
March 17, 2014
Legacy companies looking to increase agility and collaboration can take a few lessons from new firms.
March 3, 2014
Syria. Ukraine. The Tea Party. Companies should start preparing for the new global reality.
February 18, 2014
What do great leaders and great athletes have in common? They both work really hard to be the best.
February 3, 2014
It doesn’t matter what you do with your business if you don’t know why you do it.
January 20, 2014
In order to solve large-scale problems, world leaders must concentrate on what they have in common, rather than the differences between them.
January 6, 2014
A new year should herald new ways of thinking about business.
December 13, 2013
While shopping for gifts this holiday season, consider these valuable insights on how to be an effective executive.
November 25, 2013
Employees with a personal stake in a company are more likely to help it succeed.
November 8, 2013
The financial markets need a reminder that they are there to serve firms, not the other way around.
October 25, 2013
As we develop new ways of doing business, we must also develop new ways of looking at, and assigning, leadership.
October 7, 2013
Organizations are much more complex than how they’re designed. Executives should take that complexity into account when measuring performance.
September 20, 2013
Businesses must ask themselves what impact they can make on society as social and economic climates change around the world.
September 5, 2013
Executives, officials, and managers should have to earn the title of “leader,” not just expect to receive it.
August 19, 2013
Starting a business is one thing—sticking with it is quite another.
August 2, 2013
Changing the way creative teams work together could increase their ability to generate new ideas.
July 12, 2013
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome could be the next big worldwide crisis. Are you ready to lead your global company through it?
June 11, 2013
It traditionally takes months for new leaders to make a positive impact. That’s simply much too long to wait.