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Organizations & People: The Essentials from Booz & Company

Making Change Happen, and Making It Stick

Navigating Change Successfully

A comprehensive approach to change management requires all five of these success factors. Together, they enable you to take the necessary steps for change. First, clearly define the business objectives the change is intended to deliver. Next, understand the current organization — its culture, its capabilities, and its experiences (both successful and unsuccessful) with change — and then conduct the change impact analysis and make a clear case for change, including the reasons why change in people’s behavior is needed. The main thrust of the change program follows with a series of tailored interventions that drive change through both formal and informal levers. This should not be a fixed or formulaic methodology but rather one that accelerates success by selecting the most efficient tools and techniques for the specific circumstances of the client organization.

At each step, all five of the success factors should be considered. Indeed, they provide a useful checklist. Have you spelled out the impact of the change on people? Have you built both an emotional and a rational case for change? Is your leadership team — all the members, yourself included — acting as a role model? Are your people “owning” and accelerating the change? And how deeply is the new behavior embedded in the fabric of the organization?

In today’s business environment, change is an imperative. A change management approach such as this can help companies enhance their overall transformation capability, increase the speed of implementation, and improve the probability of success.

Author Profiles:

  • Ashley Harshak is a Booz & Company partner based in London. He specializes in change management, organizational development, and large-scale transformations across many industries.
  • DeAnne Aguirre is a senior partner with Booz & Company based in San Francisco. She is an expert in organizational and talent effectiveness and change leadership and has led transformations in both U.S. and global corporations.
  • Anna Brown is a Booz & Company senior associate based in London. She specializes in change management, culture change, leadership, and organizational development work designed to deliver the objectives of large-scale transformation.
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