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strategy and business
 / Winter 2003 / Issue 33(originally published by Booz & Company)


Daniel Kahneman: The Thought Leader Interview

S+B: So what should we do instead?

KAHNEMAN: That’s why you ought to think of systems. There are ways of thinking about a problem that are better than others. But I admit I’m less optimistic than I was before.

S+B: Because?

KAHNEMAN: Because I don’t think that System 1 is very educable. And System 2 is slow and laborious, and just basically less significant, less in control than it thinks it is.

S+B: What is it that you would most like senior managers who have influence over people’s lives and money to understand about your work?

KAHNEMAN: If I had one wish, it is to see organizations dedicating some effort to study their own decision processes and their own mistakes, and to keep track so as to learn from those mistakes. I think this isn’t happening. I can see a lot of factors acting against the possibility of that happening. But if I had to pick one thing, that would be it.

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Author Profiles:

Michael Schrage ([email protected]) is codirector of the MIT Media Lab’s e-Markets Initiative and a senior adviser to the MIT Security Studies program. Mr. Schrage is the author of Serious Play: How the World’s Best Companies Simulate to Innovate (Harvard Business School Press, 2000).


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