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 / Spring 2004 / Issue 34(originally published by Booz & Company)


6 Truths about Emerging-Market Consumers

Reprint No. 04106

Author Profiles:

Guillermo D’Andrea ([email protected]) is chairman of the marketing department at Instituto de Altos Estudios Empresariales, Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, research director for the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council–Latin America, and coauthor, with John A. Quelch, of Cases in Strategic Marketing Management: Business Strategies in Latin America (Prentice Hall, 2000).
E. Alejandro Stengel ([email protected]) is a vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton based in Buenos Aires. He advises consumer-goods and retail companies throughout Latin America. His recent work has included marketing and channel strategy, postmerger integration, and commercial and organizational effectiveness.
Anne Goebel-Krstelj ([email protected]) is the director of corporate finance for Pliva, a Zagreb-based pharmaceutical company. She was formerly a senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton based in São Paulo.
Also contributing to this article were Booz Allen Hamilton senior vice president Jorge Héctor Forteza, senior associate Alejandro Frenkel, and vice president Francis Liu.
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