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The Life of a Plan

In the real world, I think you have to start on the next career before you finish the current one. No matter how connected you are or how much aptitude you have for your passion, building a career takes years, not months. To be ready at 57 means starting at 52. Or even at 47, just in case the corporate music stops early and you’re the one without the corner chair.

My agent assures me the movie people will call someday. But it’s not going to happen quite as smoothly and as quickly as I’d first thought. If you want to talk about it, drop by. I’m the guy sitting alone at the signing table at your local Borders. And don’t forget to buy a book.

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Author Profile:

Sam Hill, formerly a vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, is cofounder of the Helios Consulting Group. He has written two novels, Buzz Riff (2004) and Buzz Monkey (2003), both published by Carroll & Graf (U.S.) and Orion (U.K.), and has authored or coauthored three business books: Sixty Trends in Sixty Minutes (Wiley, 2002), The Infinite Asset (Harvard Business School Press, 2001), and Radical Marketing (HarperBusiness, 2000). He can be reached at
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