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 / Autumn 2009 / Issue 56(originally published by Booz & Company)


A Better Model for Health Care

Detailed pilot design — including assessment metrics and consumer feedback mechanisms — began in June 2009, with implementation to begin within the next few months. Some initial findings, and fine-tunings, are expected by early 2010. And this integrated approach, involving leaders of government and the diverse sectors of the health-care industry, could be the missing link that allows structural reform on paper to fulfill its promises in the real world.

In the final analysis, the HOF project and similar experiments that emerge will rise or fall on their ability to deliver the right results. They must improve outcomes and service for consumers and reduce costs and improve predictability for sponsors, plans, and consumers. If they prove their value at that scale, then they will demonstrate their potential for leading us to a world that is compatible with the best science and best management of care. 

Reprint No. 09301

Author Profiles:

  • Gary D. Ahlquist is a senior partner with Booz & Company based in Chicago. He specializes in strategy and organization development for insurance companies, health plans, and health-care providers.
  • Minoo Javanmardian, Ph.D., is a partner with Booz and Company based in Chicago. She specializes in strategy, strategy-based transformation, and innovation for global health-care clients in the payor and provider sectors.
  • Sanjay B. Saxena, M.D., is a principal with Booz & Company based in San Francisco. He advises health-care services clients on corporate and business unit strategy development, capability building, and transformation programs.
  • Also contributing were Booz & Company Principal E. Blake Wilkerson and Senior Associates Peter Bridgman and Smita Jain, and consulting writer J. Philip Lathrop.
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