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 / Second Quarter 2000 / Issue 19(originally published by Booz & Company)


How to Change the World

Humans learn automatically. But we learn more quickly and effectively when we impose a discipline on ourselves — when there's some thread, frame, or rhythm to our lives. For organizational learning to be more than the sum of the learning of individuals, a company needs that rhythm — created by the dynamic interaction between top management and the performers across the organization. Everybody makes music, but there's direction and discipline with the art — which results in a world-changing innovation.

Reprint No. 00201

Jan Torsilieri, [email protected]
Jan Torsilieri is a principal at Booz-Allen & Hamilton specializing in the strategic application of knowledge and learning. Formerly Booz-Allen's director of intellectual capital, Ms. Torsilieri currently co-leads the firm's strategic learning/knowledge initiative and helps clients with knowledge and learning efforts.

Chuck Lucier, [email protected]
Chuck Lucier is senior vice president emeritus of Booz Allen Hamilton. He is currently writing a book and consulting on strategy and knowledge issues with selected clients. For Mr. Lucier’s latest publications, see
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