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 / Second Quarter 2002 / Issue 27(originally published by Booz & Company)


Security Grounds the CEO Agenda

Three-quarters of CEOs (74 percent) believe that recent events will not change their companies’ relationships with federal and state authorities. Of those who do believe these relationships will change, most expect changes to involve coordinating protection of physical locations within the U.S.

Any additional costs for new corporate security should be shared by government, shareholders, and customers, according to two-thirds of those CEOs who believe such additional security costs are possible. A third of the CEOs surveyed believe that new security costs will not be substantial.

Mark Gerencser, [email protected]
Mark Gerencser is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton in Annapolis Junction, Md. He has 20 years of engineering and consulting experience resolving communication-systems, information-security, and technology-insertion challenges. He is coleader of the firm’s strategic security initiative.

DeAnne Aguirre, [email protected]
DeAnne Aguirre is a vice president in Booz Allen Hamilton’s San Francisco office. She has 18 years of organizational and technology strategy experience serving multinational clients. She is coleader of the firm’s strategic security initiative.
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