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How Wireless Carriers Will Make Mobile Data Pay


Helmut Meier ([email protected]) is senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. He has served major communications and technology companies for over 20 years. He is a member of the firm's European Board and chairs the Board for Innovation, Marketing, and Communications.
Roman Friedrich ([email protected]) is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton based in Düsseldorf, Germany, and Stockholm, Sweden. His recent work has focused on a broad range of telecommunications companies, including fixed-line carriers, equipment resellers, Internet service providers, infrastructure providers, and mobile service operators.
Hanno Blankenstein ([email protected]) is a senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton based in Munich, Germany. He supports telecommunication, technology, and media groups on strategy transformation, with emphasis on innovation, product, pricing, and business development. He has worked with startups as well as established businesses in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
Alexandre Froment-Curtil ([email protected]) is a Booz Allen Hamilton associate based in London. He specializes in analyzing the impact of technology trends on the commercial models of the mobile industry and on the service offerings of mobile operators worldwide.
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