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Taking a Chance on Oil

Author Profiles:

Georges Chehade is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton based in London. He specializes in strategy, transformation, and performance improvement for energy companies.

Eduard Gracia is a principal with Booz Allen based in London. He focuses on business and IT transformation and program management within the energy industry.
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  2. Oil Market Uncertainty Hampers Investment,” Pipeline magazine, August 20, 2007: An oil industry view of how uncertainty affects the future demand for oil.
  3. Crude Oil: Uncertainty about Future Oil Supply Makes It Important to Develop a Strategy for Addressing a Peak and Decline in Oil Production” (PDF), United States Government Accountability Office, Report No. GAO-07-283, February 2007: An effort by the federal government to predict when oil production will peak, given a wholly uncertain supply-and-demand future.
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