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Building the Perfect Workforce

Community colleges are more entrepreneurial than many larger institutions and more comprehensive in resources than most private training facilities. That, combined with the favored status they enjoy in workforce development strategies, makes them effective partners and educators across industries.

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 Gwen Moran is a freelance business writer based in Wall Township, N.J.
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  1. Gary Paul Green, Workforce Development Networks in Rural Areas: Building the High Road (Edward Elgar Books, 2007): Discusses the specific challenges of training prospective employees in rural areas and includes the role of community colleges.
  2. William J. Rothwell and Patrick E. Gerity, eds., Linking Workforce Development with Economic Development: A Casebook for Community Colleges (American Association of Community Colleges): An overview of best practices in workforce development initiatives.
  3. Community College Times Web site: The workforce development section covers news about community colleges partnering with business and government institutions.
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