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Get Out of the Silo

To that end, the CMO can develop a functional and usable Intranet, arrange cross-silo events, and form silo-spanning teams. He or she can go out and visit the silos to explain strategy and foster communication by gathering and sharing ideas. Without that kind of leadership, no effort to create a truly silo-spanning marketing effort will succeed. 

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Edward H. Baker, former editor of CIO Insight magazine, is a contributing editor at strategy+business.

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  1. David Aaker, Spanning Silos: The New CMO Imperative (Harvard Business School Press, 2008): Aaker expands on his argument that CMOs must market across internal corporate boundaries if they want to succeed in a globalized age. 
  2. Geoffrey Precourt, ed., CMO Thought Leaders: The Rise of the Strategic Marketer (strategy+business Books, 2007): Interviews with top marketers on what customer-centric marketing really means.  
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