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Measuring Brand Personality to Sharpen Marketing Campaigns

The findings showed that all three dimensions are important, but that favorability had the most direct impact on purchase behavior across the studies (originality ranked second, followed by clarity).

“By understanding the degree of appeal of a brand’s personality as well as its underlying dimensions, managers are better able to determine the relevance, potency, and endurance of a particular brand personality,” write the researchers. This gives marketers a “more refined strategic tool than was previously available” through qualitative and other traditional methods. In particular, the three-dimensional analysis can help managers decide on the timing and approach of promotional cycles.

In tough economic times, the researchers note, advertising budgets are often the first to be cut, and weighing the comparative appeal of their brands can help managers decide which ones will suffer less from reduced advertising. The greater the perceived appeal of the brand’s personality, the more it will linger in a consumer’s mind until the next promotional cycle.

The degree and type of brand personality appeal can also indicate whether customers will resist or support a repositioning of the brand through a new promotional campaign. And if a personality is found to be surprisingly strong, it can be used to differentiate the brand from its key competitors.

Bottom Line:
This paper explores the impact of a brand’s personality appeal on customers and develops a model so companies can better understand how their products are perceived. The study confirms that customers weigh several aspects of a brand’s personality when making purchasing decisions, and advises companies to consider the impact different promotional approaches can have on a brand’s identity.

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