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s+b’s consumer products coverage encompasses a wide range of industry topics, from articles about branding, brand loyalty, and brand strategies to insights on consumer spending, consumer behavior, commoditization, luxury markets, and fast-moving consumer goods. We also feature articles on marketing consumer brands. This section is designed to help leaders of household-name companies as they wrestle with new business models and consumer packaged goods strategies.

Consumer Products

Creating What
Consumers Want

A new approach can help CPG companies introduce products with the right features, price, and packaging.

A Triple Scoop
of Social

Journalist Brad Edmondson’s recounting of the Ben & Jerry’s story, Ice Cream Social, focuses on the difficulties of living up to high-minded corporate mission statements after new owners take control.

s+b Trend Watch:
3D Printing’s
Impact on the

As more products and their parts can be made locally, the need to ship them to market will be reduced.

Getting Value
Right, with Data
and Analytics

In order to fend off competitors and foster growth, large CPG companies must bring the prices they set for products in line with their value to consumers.

s+b Trend Watch: Supermarkets’ Misguided Strategy

Why are grocery stores building up while sales go down?

How to Achieve Growth in a Lean Europe

Lessons on winning in a slow market.

The Big Bite of Small Brands

Upstarts are gaining market share across consumer packaged goods categories. Here’s how incumbents can respond.

Same-Day Delivery? Not So Fast

Traditional retailers can outshine their online competitors in the distribution game.

Kicking the Sales Promotion Habit

Addiction to discounts is costly for retailers, but in moderation, promotions can boost profits and brand value.

s+b Trend Watch: Grocery Shoppers Plan to Stay Frugal

According to a recent survey, many of the frugal habits that grocery shoppers adopted during the recession are here to stay.

“I’m Still Standing,” Say Consumers

This year’s holiday retail outlook suggests that shopping patterns created during the recession are becoming permanent, but there are still reasons for retailers to celebrate.

The Thought Leader Interview: Douglas Conant

The coauthor of TouchPoints and former CEO of Campbell Soup Company explains how executives build their company’s capabilities by connecting with people more effectively.

Rethinking the Product Launch

Your customer value proposition is the key to organic growth — for a fast-food chain like Wendy’s, or for any other consumer business.
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