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November 30, 2004

The Lean, Green Service Machine

To make customer focus profitable, service organizations can learn much from manufacturers.
November 30, 2004

Best Business Books 2004

November 30, 2004

The Superpremium Premium

Even in commodity categories, four simple steps can lead marketers to a high-margin brand.
November 30, 2004

Making Differentiation Make a Difference

By paying attention to what consumers really want, companies can attract new customers and create a distinctive brand.
November 30, 2004

RFID: Thinking Outside the Closed Loop

Despite excitement over RFID technology and its future promise, most companies currently lack a business case to adopt it anytime soon.
June 1, 2004

The Right Way to Make Branch Banking Pay

For today’s consumer banks, reinventing local branches as a hub to attract and retain customers is essential to profit and growth.
June 1, 2004

The Innovator's Prescription: The Relevance of Brand Relevance

New product categories can subvert incumbent brands — or give them a new lease on life.