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s+b’s coverage spans the entire range of topics that affect the healthcare industry, from payors and providers to the pharmaceutical industry and biotech. Articles include analyses of healthcare-reform initiatives, trends in medical benefits, and national healthcare costs, as well as specific topics such as health spending accounts, pharmacies, hospitals, and healthcare industry business models.


How “Bundles” Are Transforming Healthcare

A somewhat radical proposal: all-inclusive treatment for a specific condition or procedure, at a preset price.

Healthcare Shifts
to “Survival of
the Fittest”

As Medicare reimbursement rates continue to drop, three critical factors will separate the winners from the losers.

2014 Priorities for
the Healthcare

Two broad themes will have the biggest impact on payors and providers: consumerization and the evolution of risk.

Why We Should
Deregulate the

To be effective, a government needs the same thing as a business: good management.

Healthcare Shifts from à la Carte to Prix Fixe

A bundled approach to treatment offers higher quality, lower costs, and a better experience for patients.

s+b Trend Watch: Big Pharma’s Potential in Emerging Markets

Emerging economies are becoming the industry's best hope for growth.

Putting an I in Healthcare

The days of the disengaged health consumer are numbered. Consumerization will transform healthcare systems, involving individuals as never before in the management of their own care.

Best Business Books 2012: Healthcare

Beyond the Rhetoric of Reform

A Strategist’s Guide to Personalized Medicine

Breakthroughs in pharmaceutical innovation are poised to change the prevailing business model of the industry — with dramatic effects on healthcare costs and practice.

IT and Healthcare: Evolving Together at the Cleveland Clinic

Martin Harris, MD, chief information officer of one of the world’s most innovative hospital systems, describes how medical IT helps providers engage consumers and cut costs.

The Faster New World of Healthcare

Regulatory reform and IT advances are accelerating the “clockspeed” in healthcare. To compete, insurers will need to focus on three key areas.

Big Pharma’s Uncertain Future

The business model that drove the major drugmakers’ success isn’t working anymore. The survivors will be those that make smart strategic bets supported by winning capabilities.

Health Reform by the Numbers

By using data to target inefficiencies, leading healthcare systems are proving technology’s potential to revolutionize care delivery.

Five Steps toward a Revitalized Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Global drug companies are facing disruption. One powerful strategic response is to rethink their manufacturing and operations footprints.
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