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Published: February 26, 2013
 / Spring 2013 / Issue 70


Designing the Right Supply Chain

Reprint No. 00160

Author Profiles:

  • Richard Kauffeld is a partner with Booz & Company based in New York. He develops supply chain and channel strategies and supporting capabilities to enable growth and efficiency for consumer products companies and retailers.
  • Curt Mueller is a partner with Booz & Company based in Chicago. He specializes in value creation through supply chain strategy and building operations capabilities for consumer, retail, and industrial companies.
  • Adam Michaels is a principal with Booz & Company based in New York. He specializes in product launch strategies and supply chain solutions for consumer product manufacturers and media companies.
  • For an interactive online tool that can help you diagnose the value of your supply chain in light of your company’s strategy, see


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