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 / Winter 2009 / Issue 57(originally published by Booz & Company)


Best Business Books 2009: Marketing

In some sense, what makes these the three best marketing books of the year is that they couldn’t have been written at any other time, maybe not even as recently as a year ago. The cross-pollination of brand messaging has been slowly emerging, but as it comes into full flower, the only books worth reading are those that help us come to terms with the dangers and opportunities in a completely reordered communications and competitive landscape. Many older books that once contained great marketing insights have become obsolete, because in the marketing and communications industries these days, it’s less and less true that past is prologue. 

Author Profile:

  • Catharine P. Taylor has covered advertising and marketing for almost 20 years, focusing on the impact of digital media since 1994 and writing for publications including Adweek, Advertising Age, and Wired. Founder of Adweek’s AdFreak blog, she currently posts about advertising at her own blog,, posts daily to the BNET Media blog, and writes a weekly column, the Social Media Insider, for Mediapost. Her Twitter user name is @cpealet.
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