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strategy and business
 / Winter 2009 / Issue 57(originally published by Booz & Company)


Auto Suppliers in Crisis:
1. The Coming Shakeout

It has been a difficult period for North American suppliers, many of whom felt the rug being pulled out from under them as the Detroit Three rapidly shrank. But out of these deep troubles may come something that could not have been easily anticipated just a few years ago: a restructured industry whose prospects for the future could be markedly improved and positive.

See “Auto Suppliers in Crisis: 2. Steps for Restructuring,” by Jan Miecznikowski and Brian Collie, s+b, Winter 2009.

Author Profiles:

  • Kasturi Rangan is a principal with Booz & Company in Cleveland. He focuses on corporate and business unit growth strategies for automotive and other industrial companies.
  • Evan Hirsh is a partner with Booz & Company in Cleveland. He specializes in operational improvement programs and new strategy development for automotive and other industrial companies.
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