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strategy and business
 / Fourth Quarter 2001 / Issue 25(originally published by Booz & Company)


Best Business Books: Index

Player Piano
by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
(Delacorte Press, 1952)

Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege, 1942–1943
by Antony Beevor
(Penguin Putnam Inc., Viking Adult, 1998)


The Age of Unreason
by Charles Handy
(Harvard Business School Press, 1989)

The Knowledge-Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation
by Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi
(Oxford University Press, 1995)

The Social Life of Information
by John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid
(Harvard Business School Press, 2000)

Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions
by Gary Klein
(MIT Press, 1998)

Information Rules: A Strategic Guide to the Network Economy
by Carl Shapiro and Hal R. Varian
(Harvard Business School Press, 1999)

Unchained Value: The New Logic of Digital Business
by Mary J. Cronin
(Harvard Business School Press, 2000)

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