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 / Fourth Quarter 2002 / Issue 29(originally published by Booz & Company)


Yves Doz: The Thought Leader Interview

The more intriguing question is, if you are no longer in the catch-up mode, or if you start with a bright, innovative idea that really puts you ahead of others, then where do you go? And I think that’s the challenge increasingly for a lot of companies. Then you have to start thinking about convergence of technologies, convergence of skills, migration of skilled populations — and it is a much more complex exercise. It’s an exercise that is never going to turn out 100 percent right, so at best you can try to identify which are the best territories. California is likely to remain one of these locations, but it will be one location among others.

Reprint No. 02408

Lawrence M. Fisher, [email protected], covered technology for the New York Times for 15 years and has written for dozens of other publications. Mr. Fisher, who is based in San Francisco, is a recipient of the Hearst Award for investigative journalism.
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