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Capturing the Value of Supply Chain Management

Peter Heckmann, [email protected]
Peter Heckmann is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton in Düsseldorf. Mr. Heckmann specializes in sourcing/procurement, logistics, and e-business for companies in the telecommunications, electronics, and energy industries.

Dermot Shorten, [email protected]
Dermot Shorten is a vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton in Boston. Mr. Shorten focuses on value stream restructuring with specific expertise in Supply Chain Management, supply base configuration, and manufacturing strategy.

Harriet Engel, [email protected]
Harriet Engel is a senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton in New York. Ms. Engel has worked on Supply Chain Management in the nonprofit and public sectors for organizations in such industries as publishing, telecommunications equipment, diversified manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, paint manufacturing, and IT services.
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