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A Clear Look at Biofuels

With careful attention to these issues, business and government leaders around the world can develop a sustainable approach to biofuels that makes the most of biofuel's economic and environmental advantages.

Author Profiles:

Bill Jackson is a senior vice president with Booz Allen Hamilton in Chicago. He works on major organizational change programs, including restructurings, postmerger integrations, and growth, for a variety of industrial clients, especially in the global automotive industry.
Eric Spiegel is a senior vice president with Booz Allen in McLean, Va. He leads the firm’s work in global energy and utilities.
Leslie Moeller is a vice president with Booz Allen in Cleveland. He leads the firm’s North American work in the consumer, media, and retail industries, and previously led the firm’s global efforts in marketing and sales.
Also contributing to this article were Booz Allen Senior Associate Praneet Gupta, Booz Allen Principal Martha Turner, and Frank Bogaert.
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