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Business Literature

  • Nurturing Nature

    by David K. Hurst
    In his new book, evolutionary biologist Joseph Henrich argues that culture and behavior can have an important impact on evolution.
  • Tom Peters Wants You to Read

    by Theodore Kinni
    The legendary management guru believes burying your nose in a book can be the most effective strategy for succeeding in business.
  • Share and Share Alike

    by Lydia DePillis
    In his new book, Arun Sundararajan paints a rosy picture of the revolutionary companies and platforms that are altering the nature of work.
  • Mind Over Matter

    by Susan Cramm
    In his new book, Charles Duhigg demonstrates that making the right choices is the key to boosting personal productivity.
  • Twilight of the Central Bankers

    by Zachary Karabell
    Mohamed A. El-Erian argues that the world’s masters of monetary policy have reached the peak of their ability to influence the course of the global economy.
  • Rocking the Bus

    by Mark Stahlman
    In his new book, Douglas Rushkoff reacts to rising inequality and the threat of automation by proposing a new social operating system that distributes wealth more equitably.
  • Boardroom Brawlers

    by Jill Priluck
    A new book describes how waves of shareholder activism have been altering the corporate landscape for nearly a century.
  • Creating a Strategy That Works

    by Paul Leinwand and Cesare Mainardi
    The most farsighted enterprises have mastered five unconventional practices for building and using distinctive capabilities.
  • The Miracle of Creativity

    by Theodore Kinni
    There’s no scientific method for coming up with brilliant new ideas. But the authors of a new book argue that a set of habits can help foster innovation.