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December 3, 2013
by Al Kent and Matthew Lescohier
Manufacturers should adopt the nimble strategy used by software firms: “sprint and scrum.”
November 4, 2013
by Dave Phillips and Phil Coghlan
Manufacturers that take a positive view of product proliferation are better meeting the demands of their customers.
July 19, 2013
by Art Kleiner
Steve Capps’s award-winning article is an essential primer for anyone trying to understand manufacturing.

Warfare, Software,
and Industrial Design

The benefits of an organic, more iterative approach to product development.

America’s Real Manufacturing Advantage

A new wave of software innovation is about to transform industry—and give the United States the chance for a lasting edge. See also America’s Manufacturing Advantage—In Pictures.

For Companies,
It’s Not Easy
Being Green

Companies that implement socially and environmentally responsible strategies tend to profit—but the benefits take time to show.

A Skeptic’s Guide
to 3D Printing

Excitement about any new technology should be balanced with the application of time-tested forecasting tools.

Zero Injuries, Waste, and Harm

How AkzoNobel NV, a leading manufacturer, is making its health, safety, and environment procedures stronger by making them more consistent.

America’s Manufacturing Advantage

A new wave of software innovation is about to transform industry—and give the United States the chance for a lasting edge.

s+b Trend Watch: Chinese Companies Reclaim “Made in China”

Chinese companies’ total exports are now roughly equal to that of foreign companies operating in China.

An Uncommonly Cohesive Conglomerate

How United Technologies Corporation—owner of Pratt & Whitney, Otis Elevator, and a wide range of other businesses—became one of the major corporate success stories of the past two decades. See also “The Story of UTCʼs Success—In Pictures.”

Is China the World’s Next Rust Belt?

Rising labor costs will challenge China’s manufacturing base, but five factors point to opportunities for growth.

Optimism Returns to the American Automotive Industry

Automobiles are selling again, and executives are confident. The U.S. auto industry is positioned for a global economic recovery — if car manufacturers can avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

A Better Way to Battle Malware

Emulating the methods used to transform production quality could clean up the Internet — and might even pay for itself.

Manufacturing’s Wake-Up Call

A new study shows how the decisions made today by goods producers and policymakers will shape U.S. competitiveness tomorrow.
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