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s+b conducts and publishes dozens of interviews per year with noted thought leaders, including chief executive officers and other business leaders, authors, economists, and business theorists. Our coverage ranges from short, topical interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, business professors, chief technology officers, CFOs, CMOs, and other thought leaders to our feature-length Thought Leader Interviews.

Thought Leaders


Looking Outward
with Big Data:
A Q&A with
Tom Davenport

The management scholar provides an incisive look at the true potential of big data and the many challenges to unleashing it.

Zachary Shore on
How to Predict the

A historian’s approach to strategic empathy can help you anticipate your rivals’ next moves.

Angela Duckworth’s
Gritty View
of Success

A psychologist and new MacArthur Fellow says you need employees with stamina and tenacity above all else.

Rita Gunther
McGrath on the
End of Competitive

The Columbia Business School professor says the era of sustainable competitive advantage is being replaced by an age of flexibility. Are you ready?

Christopher Schroeder’s Guide to the Next Million Innovators

The author and technology entrepreneur explains why you should pay attention to the mobile-powered masses—now.

Why Eric Ries Likes Management

The author of The Lean Startup is thinking big about the challenges facing companies in an economy driven by innovation.

The Thought Leader Interview: Loran Nordgren

The cofounder of unconscious thought theory explains how taking a break and distracting the mind can lead to higher-quality decision making.

Douglas Rushkoff Makes the Digital Economy Work for You

The social theorist on why new technologies are ushering in a paradigm shift, and how the transition will redefine how business is done.

Daniel Pink’s New Pitch

In today’s markets, we are all salespeople.

The Thought Leader Interview: David Kantor

An eminent systems therapist says that learning to recognize the hidden patterns in conversation is the first step toward more effective executive leadership.

[VIDEO]  Dynamics: Using Conversational Cues to Lead More Effectively - Kantor speaks on how “structural dynamics” create better-performing teams.

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