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Military medals decorate a uniform jacket.

Credibility credentials matter

Whether you are a military boss or an industry chief, establishing competency is no longer such a narrow road.
by James Ashton
Cable with knot isolated on white background
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Is vertical integration making a comeback?

It may look that way now, but the more interesting question is whether companies should turn back to outsourcing once global supply chains get unsnarled.
by Daniel Gross
A group of small yellow and blue arrows gather behind a larger teal arrow, all of which point in the same direction against an orange background.
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The purpose of “purpose”

It’s the buzzword of the year, but discussions about purpose require rigor to make them meaningful.
by Adam Bryant


1930s woman checking price of a dress in a department store
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When ready-to-wear was truly becoming

Dorothy Whipple’s 1930 novel, High Wages, tells the story of a determined young woman who succeeds in business when dresses started coming off the rack.
by Daniel Akst

PwC Series

Experiences matter by PwC

The rise of the eco-friendly consumer

During the pandemic, consumers have become more sensitive to the environmental impacts of their shopping decisions, and consumer companies are responding.
An illustration of a wind turbine emerging from a reactor, which is emerging from a smokestack, which is emerging from a log. Rays of yellow energy shoot from the structure.
Hello, tomorrow.

State of flux

The rapid changes in the way energy is created, distributed, and stored are creating new relationships between industry and government.


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